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Big Ole’ Blog Clean Up

Filed under: Geek Wannabe on Saturday, September 17, 2005

Today is Fix Up Everything You’ve Been Letting Slide Day.

So if what you’re looking at suddenly goes all screwy, you know why.

On My To Do List:

  1. Add links I’ve been meaning to for some while. I’ve also been wondering if I should do a links page. What’s been stopping me? The idea that in the blogosphere, links in a link page might contain less value than links in a sidebar. Is it true or just a myth? Film at 11.

    DONE. More or less, until the next time.

  2. Update my post and link categories
  3. Create a favicon, as described on ProBlogger. It looks easy enough, but… well… I have plenty of problems with the easiest of things, so we’ll see.

    DONE. No, wait! Eh, I guess I’ll be playing with this for a while.

  4. Move everything from to I’ve been putting this one off because it’s scary. Scary in the “how to” department, and scary in the “Changing my whole way of doing things forever” department.

    I’ve been hemming and hawing about it so long that my ample derriere is permanently imprinted with chain-link. If I haven’t moved the site by Monday morning, you’ll know I chickened out and climbed back up on the fence.

    DONE. I hope my redirects are working. And I hope any readers who get an error message will be kind enough to tell me about it!

  5. Move the old, static site and update it in a way to let people know it still works, but give them a link to the new, dynamic site.

    DONE. Again, I hope I haven’t missed anything.

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